Best Snowshoe Combinations: Snowshoes and Poles

Snowshoeing kits are great for beginners who want to try out snowshoeing. They come with good equipment that lets you try out snowshoes to see if you like it. Most kits include snowshoes, hiking poles, and a carrying bag for your equipment. Check each kit, and determine if it includes snowshoes and poles that will work for the area you are snowshoeing in.

Snowshoe Combinations - shoes and poles

If you really enjoy snowshoeing, then you will want to get some better equipment that will be more efficient and durable on the trail.

Top Combination Sets | Snowshoes and Poles

Winterial Back Trail SnowshoesTrails / Long Walks$
Go2gether Snowshoes Kit for AdultHills$$
Winterial Highland Snowshoes, Recreational Snow ShoesTrails$

Winterial Back Trail

Winterial Back Trail

In a Nutshell

What’s Hot: Lightweight, great price, great quality for a beginner

What’s Not: Straps on heel vinyl unlike the woven front straps

Best Applications: Easy terrain, average snow, walking trails, long walks

These snowshoes are great for beginners and advanced users alike. They are built with a durable aluminum frame that can withstand long walks and climbs. The included adjustable shock-absorbing poles are built to help with comfort for long walks through the country. The built-in aluminum teeth help give extra traction in the snow, while the heel bindings help climb hills.

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Go2gether Snowshoes Kit for Adult

Go2gether Snowshoes Kit

In a Nutshell

What’s Hot: Lightweight, great price, nice decking for flotation

What’s Not: Slightly heavier but good for the price point

Best Applications: Average terrain, average snow, hills or trails

This is a great buy! The heel lift system is excellent for uphill treks. It has built-in manganese steel crampons, which are durable and helpful on all terrain types. It has really nice secure ratchet straps that help hold the snowshoes in place and comfortably. This is a great set for a beginner or novice who is looking for an extra pair. The set includes snowshoe, poles, and a carrying bag.

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Winterial Highland Snowshoes – Recreational Snowshoes

Winterial Highland Snowshoes Kit

In a Nutshell

What’s Hot: Lightweight, great price

What’s Not: Little too wide and long for hills

Best Applications: Average terrain, average snow, walking trails

A great set for a beginner! The weight recommendations go from 140 to 240. These lightweight snowshoes are great for flat terrain. The shock-absorbing poles will give you comfort on long trails.

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