Five Beginner Trails for Snowshoeing in Colorado

Many people choose Colorado as their winter vacation destination. This is simply because the state offers an abundance of winter sports for all levels of experience, as well as gorgeous vista that everyone can enjoy. No need to worry if this is your first-time trying winter sports. Many Colorado natives choose to be a guide and will gladly show you the land they know like the back of their hand.

Five Beginner Trails for Snowshoeing in Colorado

In general, snowshoeing trails are either in a loop or an out and back path. The difference is in the elevation and track length. For beginners, the trails are often featured flat landscape on a well-groomed path. They are also popular, so you get to meet a lot of people doing the trek with you. Anyway, here are five beginner trails that you should try in Colorado.

Bear Lake Trail

most popular trek Bear Lake Trail

Bear Lake Trail is the most popular trek among all. And it’s not without a reason. This trek is mostly flat and offers a gorgeous Rocky Mountain landscape. It’s perfect for any expertise level, but mostly for beginners who just started snowshoeing. After all, it’s not even a mile long.

Dream Lake Trail

Dream Lake Trail

The trail is not far from Bear Lake. It is very short, only 2 miles long. The trek is also very popular so it is very well-groomed but also can be quite packed at times. Anyway, since many treks intersect one another, it can be easy to get lost. It is best if you keep your GPS on and check it when you are unsure.

Lily Pad Lake Trail

The pond may be frozen over, but the trail still offers the gorgeous view as it is in the summer. The trek itself is only 3.3 miles out and back. However, you may need the trekking poles here since the snow may be powdery, but there are sinkholes on the road.

Glacier Gorge Trail

Glacier Gorge Trail

Located in the Rocky Mountain national park, this trail is one of the branches off from the Bear Lake Trail southward to Mills Lake. You can stay in this short trail, only 2.8 miles, and gaze at the ethereal beauty from the frozen waterfall. Or continue to Mills Lake for a more challenging trek.

Monarch Lake Loop Trail

As a part of the Arapaho National Forest, this loop trail is quite popular for snowshoeing. The trail is accessible all year round, but the gate is not. You need to walk a couple of extra miles from the parking space. This 4.2 mile track is worth it since you can get in touch with nature. And if you’re lucky, you can see some moose.

In case you are looking to step up from beginners’ trail, you can check our other list on snowshoeing trails in Colorado. They have various difficulties for you to choose which one you are going to try next.

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