Four Best Family Snowshoeing Trails in New Hampshire

New Hampshire may be one of the smallest states, and less populated as well. But they have a vast wilderness that everyone must experience. New Hampshire has the White Mountain National Forest and also other parks worth visiting.  And being a part of the Appalachian trails, it means that New Hampshire has no shortage of outdoor activities that you can do.

Snowshoeing Trails in New Hampshire

Snowshoeing can be an outdoor activity that all family members can take part in. It is a great way to introduce nature to your children. However, you need to think about the expertise level. Adults and children have different stamina and endurance level. But no worries, we have you covered. This time we are highlighting four short treks that will be perfect for your family day out.

Old Bridle Path

Old Bridle Path

This is a famous path that every hiker knows. The Old Bridle Path in Franconia Notch State Park is often part or even the trailhead for other treks. The treks to climb mount Lafayette and Rattlesnake Pass are to name a few. By itself, the path is only 1.8 miles long with minimal elevation gain. Anyway, since it is connected with several other trails, make sure that you are sticking to the path to avoid getting lost.

Cedar Loop Trail

This is a beginner trek that is also perfect for the first-time family outing. They have the boardwalk that will help guide your way through the forest. You will get to see varieties of both white and red cedar trees as well as many pine and oak trees that fill the forest. There are two loops in this trail, the main Cedar loop that walks around the woodland, and the Rhododendron loop a little further ahead. The total for this loop is only one mile long. So it’s not a long walk at all.

Flume Gorge Trail

Flume Gorge Trail

It is a natural gorge that took thousands of years to form. When you visit, you can just do a simple out and back trail to the gorge, or continue your way and make a loop. If you do the loop, then you will walk for almost two miles. On this trail you will get to witness the gorgeous view that most people dubbed as the real New Hampshire.

Echo Lake Trail

This trail is a very easy loop that goes around the lake. You will be enjoying the view of the lake as well as a small beach and the mountain across the lake. The trek is very popular and open all year round. So yes, it can be very crowded at times. In case you want something more private, you can go very early in the morning to make your loop. At 0.8 miles long, it won’t take a long time to do this trek.

Going outdoor with your family can be quite taxing, but it also a very rewarding experience. Just make sure that you are well prepared and don’t forget to have fun.

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