Snowshoeing Calories Burned

Do you consider yourself as someone who loves the great outdoors and also a figure-conscious person? Then there’s an activity that you will surely love, and it’s none other than snowshoeing!

snowshoeing calories burned

Aside from allowing your eyes to feast on some picturesque snow-capped mountains, icy pine trees, snowy meadows and frozen lakes, it also enables you to burn calories. Lots and lots of unwanted calories! According to fitness authorities, snowshoeing for an hour can in fact let you burn up to 557 calories! That’s like jogging, boxing and stair climbing for an entire hour, but in a truly fun and memorable way!

Keep on reading if you are planning on snowshoeing not only to have a marvelous getaway, but also to stay in shape.

Weight Gain is Normal During Winter

Are you aware of the fact that a lot of people tend to pack extra pounds during the coldest months of the year? Well, it can be blamed on a few things, and one of them is stress.

It’s no secret that the holidays can be quite stressful, and it’s due to reasons such as demanding end-of-year office tasks, shopping for gifts, taking a trip to one’s hometown and spending a few days with family members. According to health authorities, too much stress can cause the body to gain excess weight. Of course, a major contributor to putting on some holiday weight is the overabundance of sugar-rich treats this time of year!

Then there’s also failure to get enough sun as the days are shorter and the nights are longer during winter. Lack of sun can in fact leave us feeling down, which can cause our appetite to go up!

Proper Diet and Exercise

yoga for balancing and enduranceNeedless to say, it’s very important to carefully watch what you put in your mouth to avoid gaining excess pounds during wintertime or keeping weight gain to a minimum. However, eating properly is not enough. For best results, it’s also a good idea for you to burn unnecessary calories by exercising.

Are you like most people who f