Snowshoeing Gear

Ask anyone who has tried snowshoeing before and you will be bombarded with exciting stories about this well-loved winter activity.

gear you need when snowshoeing

Before you engage in your first ever snowshoeing adventure, keep on reading this article — below you will come across a bunch of snowshoeing gear must-haves. Getting your hands on them is essential if you would like to have nothing but the most enjoyable and exciting snowshoeing experience possible.

It’s Not Snowshoeing Without Snowshoes

snowshoeingOne of the most important things you need to procure before you partake in snowshoeing is a pair of reliable snowshoes. Did you know that there are different snowshoes to choose from?

Consider opting for beginner snowshoes if you haven’t tried snowshoeing before. Just like what the name says, they are great for those who are venturing into snowshoeing for the first time. Here’s one wonderful thing about beginner snowshoes: they’re usually easy on the pocket. Get started with one of our recommended snowshoe sets for beginners.



Make Sure You’re Suited Up

suited upAs a general rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to dress in layers. Doing so allows you to remove or add layers as necessary — you will surely need to do so a few times while snowshoeing!

Having the right base, insulated and outer layers is a definite must. Each one of them is tasked at carrying out different roles. Together, they work to protect you from hypothermia, something that can easily make snowshoeing a terrible experience especially for a beginner. Get an in-depth understanding of what clothing to wear for snowshoeing.



Wear the Right Footwear, Too

waterproof bootsOther than the perfect pair of snowshoes for a newbie, it’s also a must for you to have the right pair of footwear. It goes without saying that your feet should be protected with the use of waterproof hiking boots. They’re the right ones for the job due to their lightweight design and comfort. Don’t forget to wear gaiters, too! (link gaiters to our gaiters article)

If the weather is cold or you’re planning a quick snowshoeing escapade, go ahead and get a pair of winter boots. There are a variety of types, styles, and costs for hiking boots for snowshoeing.



Accessories for Your Safety

There’s no denying that snowshoeing is both fun and rewarding, but it can also be dangerous if you are not careful and you don’t have the necessary accessories. You should check that you have some essentials for a memorable and trouble-free snowshoeing experience.

Water, food, first-aid kit, sunscreen — make sure that you have all of these before you snowshoe. A map, compass and pair of binoculars is of utmost importance, too. Never leave your hotel or cabin without a pair of snowshoe poles. Snowshoes poles can help on dangerous and steep parts of your trip.

There is a variety of gear to choose from when going snowshoeing. Everything from shoes, to clothing, to gaiters and poles each piece has its purpose while out in the snow and on the trail.

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