How to Find Snowshoes for Heavy Weights

Having a body that leans toward the heavier side of the scale can be quite frustrating. There are many things to reconsider before making a decision. And when it comes to snowshoes, things don’t seem to get any easier. You can’t use your regular shoe sizes as the ballpark to guesstimate the right snowshoe size. But worry not, keep on reading to find out the right snowshoes for heavyweight users.

how to pick snowshoes for heavy weights

Use The Basic Calculation

You might think that getting a pair of snowshoes would be as easy as finding shoes for everyday use. But, it’s nothing more than just wishful thinking. Getting a snowshoe might sound very simple. You just need to calculate the width based on your weight. The basic rule is that you would need a square inch of snowshoe for every pound. So if you are about 200 pounds or more, you have to get snowshoes that are least 20 inches wide. It doesn’t matter if your regular shoe size is only size 7, your snowshoes will be much bigger to hold your weight.

Should You Have It Custom Made?

Never forget that there’s always the option to get a pair custom made for you. This way, your snowshoe will only fit your feet and nobody else’s. However, they can be expensive. But on the bright side, your custom-made snowshoe will fit like a glove and will be able to withhold whatever you have your way. You are in control of the design and material and can adjust them to fit your budget.

When it comes to finding the right snowshoes, it can be as difficult as finding the glass slippers’ owner. You might experience some hardship at the beginning, especially when it’s your first time. But as long as you understand how active you will be during winter, things will only get easier when you have the right snowshoes on.

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