Types of Snowshoes

As far as the applications are concerned, modern snowshoes can be categorized into three types, which are recreational, backcountry, and running snowshoes. Learning about them may help you decide which snowshoe would likely perform the best for you. If you’d like a shortcut, we have compiled the 10 best snowshoes of 2019.

types of snowshoes

Recreational Snowshoes

MSR Evo 22
Best recreational snowshoes – MSR Evo 22

As the name suggests, this type of snowshoes is best used for recreational purposes. If you just want to walk around a groomed trail in your area, this snowshoe is for you. In terms of features, they have everything what modern snowshoes have, such as composite decks, crampons, aluminum frames, etc. However, they’re commonly made of second-grade material, which is what makes them more affordable. These are like aluminum crampons, instead of steel, cheap plastic decking, poor finish on the frames, and whatnot.

That being said, they still offer adequate performance for beginner snowshoers. You should be able to cover any flat to moderately rolling terrain without too much problem, assuming you pick out the right size. Some of the best recreational snowshoes are MSR Evo, Atlas 10 Series snowshoes, and Tubbs Xplore. They cost around $100-$150. That’s pretty cheap considering they’d last for a couple of seasons. If you opt for renting them, they may cost around $10 for a short day hiking.

Backcountry Snowshoes

Tubbs Mountaineer
Top rated backcountry snowshoes – Tubbs Mountaineer

These are the upgraded version of recreational snowshoes. Every feature of backcountry snowshoes is better. They’re commonly built of premium materials that can stand more abusive applications on the backcountry. The crampons are bigger, tougher, and more aggressive. The binding straps are f