Best Yukon Charlie’s Snowshoes

Yukon Charlie’s Snowshoes are great for a beginner. They offer a quality product at a good price. If you are looking to go into deep snow or steep terrain, though, these might not be the best choice for you. If you have just started to snowshoe, then Yukon Charlie’s Snowshoes are a good choice.

best yukon charlie's snowshoes

Yukon Charlie’s was started in 1996. They have made a good name for themselves for years, offering good equipment for snowshoeing adventures. Their Sherpa models are great for beginners or moderate locations that aren’t too deep or steep. If you are thinking of exploring more rugged locations, then the Pro II model is a better way to go. These have steel crampons, which will last longer when hitting rocks and climbing steep terrain.

Top Current Models of Yukon Charlie’s

Yukon Charlie's Sherpa SeriesRecreationalModerate21", 25", 30", 36"$
Yukon Charlie's AdvancedRecreationalModerate21", 25", 30", 36"$$
Yukon Charlies Pro IIBackcountryAggressive25", 30"$$
Yukon Charlie's Men's Elite SpinBackcountryAggressive25", 30"$$
Yukon Charlie's Carbon FlexBackcountryAggressive1 size fits all, up to 300lbs$$

Yukon Charlie’s Sherpa Series

yukon charlie's sherpa snowshoe

In a Nutshell

What’s Hot: Lightweight, great price, great quality for a beginner

What’s Not: Strap