Best Yukon Charlie’s Snowshoes

Yukon Charlie’s Snowshoes are great for a beginner. They offer a quality product at a good price. If you are looking to go into deep snow or steep terrain, though, these might not be the best choice for you. If you have just started to snowshoe, then Yukon Charlie’s Snowshoes are a good choice.

best yukon charlie's snowshoes

Yukon Charlie’s was started in 1996. They have made a good name for themselves for years, offering good equipment for snowshoeing adventures. Their Sherpa models are great for beginners or moderate locations that aren’t too deep or steep. If you are thinking of exploring more rugged locations, then the Pro II model is a better way to go. These have steel crampons, which will last longer when hitting rocks and climbing steep terrain.

Top Current Models of Yukon Charlie’s

Yukon Charlie's Sherpa SeriesRecreationalModerate21", 25", 30", 36"$
Yukon Charlie's AdvancedRecreationalModerate21", 25", 30", 36"$$
Yukon Charlies Pro IIBackcountryAggressive25", 30"$$
Yukon Charlie's Men's Elite SpinBackcountryAggressive25", 30"$$
Yukon Charlie's Carbon FlexBackcountryAggressive1 size fits all, up to 300lbs$$

Yukon Charlie’s Sherpa Series

yukon charlie's sherpa snowshoe

In a Nutshell

What’s Hot: Lightweight, great price, great quality for a beginner

What’s Not: Straps-in feature isn’t user-friendly.

Best Applications: Easy terrain, average snow, walking trails

The Yukon Charlie’s Sherpa series is a great shoe for recreational beginners and those that enjoy trail walking. They are built with durability in mind, providing an HDPE decking. They are lightweight but made with a strong 6000 aluminum frame. Also, everyone loves the built-in Double ratcheting binding that makes it easy for everyone and any brand of a snow boot to strap into the Sherpa snowshoe.

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Yukon Charlie’s Advanced

yukon charlies advanced series

In a Nutshell

What’s Hot: Lightweight, good price, good traction with built-in crampons

What’s Not: Rivets break easily.

Best Applications: Backcountry, packed snow,

The Advanced series is another excellent value for backcountry hiking. These snowshoes include powder-coated crampons in both the front and rear for better traction on the trail. Slip these on and off with ease with the fast binding system, and never worry about them failing. Built out of strong 6000 aluminum and with SNOW MOTION™, this frame is built to last.

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Yukon Charlie’s Pro II

Pro II series yukon charlies snowshoe

In a Nutshell

What’s Hot: Lightweight, easy strap with one hand, heal adjustment.

What’s Not: Surface area slightly less than average.

Best Applications: Backcountry, powdery snow, steep slopes, steep inclines

Pro II snowshoe gets a little more serious for the more serious snowshoeing enthusiast. Made for those looking to hike the backcountry, these snowshoes are built to last with a 6000-grade aluminum frame. The Pro II also includes the fast binding system, which you can strap in and remove your shoe with just one hand. It’s so simple. In addition, these snowshoes include a heal adjust, which helps take the pressure off the calves when climbing steep terrain. Finally!

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Yukon Charlie’s Elite Spin

yukon charlies elite series snowshoe

In a Nutshell

What’s Hot: Lightweight, easy and secure strap system, heal adjustment, crampons

What’s Not: Plastic heel straps

Best Applications: Off-trail, crunchy snow, steep slopes & inclines

The Elite Spin snowshoe is the Yukon Charlie’s top-of-the-line show. It takes all the great features from the Pro II and adds the SPIN™ by Northwave dial binding system. If you are into serious snowshoeing then the Elite Spin snowshoe will not disappoint. Like the Pro II, the Elite Spin includes an upgraded heal lift to help ascend those steep inclines. Elite Spin series also includes upgraded crampons to help keep grip to treacherous terrain.

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Yukon Charlie’s Carbon Flex

yukon charlies carbon flex snowshoe

In a Nutshell

What’s Hot: Excellent flotation, strap system easy and secure, crampons.

What’s Not: Plastic heel straps

Best Applications: Off-trail, deep snow, steep slopes

Another nice backcountry snowshoe by Yukon Charlie’s is the Carbon Flex series. The Carbon Flex snowshoe is made using over-molding technology. This manufacturing process creates a shoe that is stronger and can handle the vibrations from trail walking better than other manufacturing methods. The Carbon Flex includes the SPIN™ by Northwave dial binding system like the Elite Spin series. In addition to a strong frame, the Carbon Flex provides great traction with the inclusion of Mountain Claw II front crampon. Not only does this snowshoe include front crampons but also SPIKE™ 8 integrated ice traction cleats. These will maintain some serious grip while on the backcountry trail.

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