Chinook Trekker Snowshoes Review

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chinook trekker snowshoes review

Chinook is probably not very popular as a snowshoe maker, but the company does have a nice offering. Coming with some basic functional features, Chinook Trekker snowshoe is likely to be the second-best budget snowshoe after MSR Evo. There’s nothing too technical about it, but there’s nothing too disappointing too. All of its elements are geared to function well on beginners’ terrain and groomed trails. Lightweight aluminum frames, durable plastic decks, plain webbing strap bindings, and a set of aluminum crampons. They’re not superior in any way but good enough to keep you sure-footed on any rolling hills.

Chinook Trekker Snowshoes Review – In a Nutshell

What's Hot
  • Affordable snowshoes great for beginners
  • Durable plastic decking
  • Easy to use bindings
  • Moderate traction system for rolling terrain
  • Free carry bag
  • Available in many sizes
What's Not
  • Made in China
  • Plastic decks make noises
  • Aluminum crampons could be easily bent
  • No side rails for traversing
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Chinook Trekker snowshoe has that common oval-shaped frames made of aluminum. The length varies from 19-inch up to 36-inch, with the width of 8.6 inches. The smallest one is perfect for children, which is capable of holding a total weight of 90-pound. If you’re going to buy it for yourself, I recommend getting the 25-inch or 30-inch version. They should be good enough for people of average weight. If you’re on the heavier side, however, or want to blaze your own trail through deep powder, the oversized 36-inch snowshoe works best for you.

The decks are made entirely of plastic. It does make some cheap sounds as you walk on hardpack, but it’s very sturdy. Its durability is on par with that of premium snowshoes from leading brands. Flotation is adequate at its best, but you have to keep in mind the terrain condition. You can’t expect a 22-inch snowshoe to keep you afloat in powdery situations. So, again, choose your size carefully.


chinook trekker snowshoesIntended for beginners, Chinook Trekker snowshoes feature a moderate traction system. There are two sets of crampons, all of which are constructed out of aluminum: one is located under the balls of your feet and the other is fixed under your heels. Despite the gear’s affordability, they do dig into the hard crusty snow, providing you with better stability on uphill and downhill walks.

However, it’s not equipped with any lateral crampons on each side of the frame. Sidestepping across a slope with this snowshoe will be a bit trickier. One last note, remember that the crampons are not of solid stainless steel. They’re made of aluminum which is less rugged. So, pay attention to where you step. You don’t want to hit a rock and find the spikes bent all over, which can reduce the traction by much.


Chinook Trekker snowshoe uses two straps with ratchet buckles to secure your arch. They’re very easy to adjust. Just click the buckle and pull the straps. Meanwhile, the heel strap at the back can be released quickly; thanks to the clip-in buckle. All of these are connected to the decks using a flexible webbing strap. This rubber-like strap limits your feet movement as you walk, but they’re handy should you want to increase your pace or even run. In short, when it comes to ease of use, this snowshoe is top-notch, which is all the more reason that it’s perfect for beginners.


As of the security, the straps will remain tight as long as you stay on the trail. The story could be different, though, if you wear this snowshoe on technical terrains where your feet will turn and twist. After all, Chinook Trekker snowshoe only has two straps, instead of three, to cover your arch. It’s definitely not designed for backcountry exploration. You should only use it for recreational trekking in your favorite ski resorts or national parks.

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