Tubbs Mountaineer Review

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Tubbs Mountaineer Snowshoes Review

Are you looking for all-terrain snowshoes? Tubbs Mountaineer is one of the best in this category. Although looking at the big rigid crampons underneath the decking can tell you right away that it’s meant for steep climbs, this snowshoe performs surprisingly well on rolling terrain too. Deep powder performance is not as good as MSR Lightning Ascent due to heavier construction, but it’s still definitely on the upper half of scale. Honestly, we think Tubbs Mountaineer has the second-best flotation rating, right below the Lightning Ascent. If you’ve been wanting to know how Tubbs Mountaineer is holding up, hopefully, this review can provide you with some insight.

Tubbs Mountaineer Review – In a Nutshell

What's Hot
  • Good design with boosting flotation on fresh powder
  • Aggressive toe crampons and heel cleats
  • Easy-to-use and very secure bindings
  • Full-rotating pivot for unrestrained motion
  • Heel lift bars to reduce calf fatigue
  • Best all-terrain snowshoes
What's Not
  • Bulky construction can be a bit cumbersome on narrow trails
  • Secure bindings can be a little uncomfortable
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Tubbs Mountaineer comes with traditional frames constructed of aluminum tubes. This makes the snowshoes slightly heavier than typical models. How