Six High Elevation Treks to Go Snowshoeing near Seattle

As one of the northern states, Washington shares some of its vast landscapes with Canada. Therefore, outdoor activities like hiking and snowshoeing are nothing new for the locals. But somehow this state stays low key despite their gorgeous vistas. You probably know them more as the state that started the worldwide coffee chain.

Snowshoeing in Washington varied from almost flat landscape to more challenging treks. If you just started snowshoeing but want to challenge yourself and go for higher elevation treks, we have you covered. Here are six snowshoeing treks near Seattle with more than a thousand feet elevation gain. Do make sure you are physically capable to tackle them.

Nordic Pass Trail

This out and back trail is only 7 miles long. But it offers a gorgeous view of the surrounding landscape. It can be quite challenging since you will hike about 1,600 feet high. But the view this trek offers will make all the effort worthwhile.

Annette Lake Trail

Annette Lake Trail

This trail may not be as popular as other trails in Snoqualmie National Forest, but it sure one of the highest elevations. You will climb 2 thousand feet throughout the 8 miles hike. If you feel up for the challenge, you can right away since the trailhead is near the freeway road.

Skyline Trail

This loop trail is started right behind the National Park Inn. It is very easy to find, and while you go through the loop. You can feast your eyes on the changing vista from the meadow, forest, lake, and even a waterfall. Going through this trail will give you a perfect glimpse of what the state has to offer.

Snow Lake Trail

This trail can be a real challenge if you are still a beginner. The first 2 miles are very direct but it gets challenging later on. You can turn back, because as you go on, you will start noticing the mark of previous avalanches. You can finish the trail at the lake or return 2 miles before that if you find this too challenging. The trail is 6.4 miles long

Mink Lake

Mink Lake

Olympic National Forest houses several treks that are great for those who are interested in going snowshoeing. This trail is a great alternative if you want to avoid the crowd at other treks. With only 5 miles long, you won’t notic