Five Waterfalls Snowshoeing Trails in Utah

Many people come to Utah to participate in outdoor activities all year round. It is not a surprise since Utah is part of the three geological regions, the Rocky Mountains, the Great Basin, and Colorado Plateau. This state houses one of the most varied wildernesses across the continent. Lakes and waterfalls are at abundance here.

featured snowshoeing trails in utah

This is a list of snowshoeing trails in Utah that feature a waterfall. As you may be aware, a  waterfall in the winter can be a view of its own. You may not be able to be on top of the summit and see the surrounding, but you will still be overwhelmed with the greatness and enjoy the trek. Keep in mind, some waterfalls can be completely frozen over.

1. Stewart Falls Trail

This is a very popular, and probably the most photograph snowshoeing waterfall trail. A short trail, only 3.4 miles, that starts in Aspen Grove. There is no way you can missed the trailhead. Beginners can enjoy this trek since it’s mostly flat ground. But always keep your eyes open for slides and avalanches. Having your poles ready can be a good option.

2. Horsetail Falls Trail

Horsetail Falls Trail

Not to be confused with the one in California. This waterfall is located in Alpine, Utah. To be more precise, It’s in the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest. It is also very popular so expect a lot of people there. Despite its short trek, 3.9 miles, this trail is quite steep as you gain over 1500 feet elevation. Throughout the trail, you will be able to see Lone Peak and Pffeifferhorn.

3. Ghost Falls Trail

While the first two are far out and back trail, this one is a loop with several trailheads. The most popular one is the Coyote Hollow Trailhead. You will encounter some wildlife that makes the park their home. Depending on the trailhead you choose, you will feel a bit of a hike. But in general, the elevation gain is only around 500 feet.

4. Bells Canyon to Lower Falls

This is probably the longest trek in this list. At 4.6 miles, the out and back trek will make you climb a little under 1500 feet. And many have reported the last mile as the steepest of all. So keep your poles ready. You will be rewarded with a gorgeous view of the fall.

5. Donut Falls Trail 

This trail is the perfect trail for beginners. It is short with little elevation gain. However, the trail barely has any direction or signs to guide the climber. But don’t worry, it is quite popular so you will meet a lot of people on your way there. The fall itself located inside a cave, so you have to climb a boulder to get a better view.


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