Best Crescent Moon Snowshoes

Crescent Moon is the Cadillac of all snowshoes and you will agree with us after you’re done reading this post. Based in Colorado, USA, this snowshoe maker has an interesting approach to snowshoe manufacturing, claiming to be the only “green” snowshoe company.

Best Crescent moon snowshoes

The materials used to manufacture these snowshoes are of premium grade and the frames are all but welded and powder-coated. Moreover, all of the manufacturing, from producing parts to assembling, is done in the USA. The decking in particular is constructed of TGS, a special compound that’s free of PVC and claimed to have better resistance against cold and abrasion. While it’s going to take some time to prove its durability, we do like that it flexes more than common plastic decking. As you walk on packed snow, you’ll notice little to no noise at all. In the following section, we’ll walk you through three of the best Crescent Moon snowshoes and why we love them.

Best Crescent Moon Snowshoes

Crescent Moon Gold 10All TerrainSemi-Aggressive32-inch$$$
Crescent Moon Gold 9RecreationalSemi-Aggressive27-inch$$$
Crescent Moon Gold 17BackcountrySemi-Aggressive37-inch$$$

Aside from running snowshoes and kids snowshoes, Crescent Moon has two primary snowshoe lineups: The Gold Series and The Silver Series. Despite being nearly identical, the Silver Series are sold at much lower price. As the saying goes “the devil is in the details”, you’re going to need to observe them closely to figure out the difference.

Firstly, the aluminum frames on the Silver Series are neither powder coated nor TIG welded. So in terms of sturdiness, they’re much inferior. The