5 Reasons to Go Snowshoeing This Winter

Is snowshoeing fun, you ask? Well, the best we can say is, it depends on you. If you hike a lot during the big three seasons, you’ll most certainly enjoy snowshoeing.

is snowshoeing fun?

With the right snowshoes, you can access the trails normally inaccessible in winter due to the deep snow. Also, if you’re much of a nature lover, we’re pretty sure you’ll like snowshoeing. There’s nothing more fascinating than the vast winter wonderland that you’ll get to explore when snowshoeing. It’s so quiet and peaceful. Everywhere you look, you see the land is sleeping tucked under a thick blanket of white snow.

Many athletes, runners, and those who work out regularly also resort to snowshoeing as a mean to stay fit in winter. Despite being an easy sport, snowshoeing is famous as a heavy calorie burner. It’s a great cardio workout. According to Snowsports Industries Ameria (SIA), snowshoeing burns nearly 50% more calories in comparison to running and walking at the same speed. So, if you hate the thoughts of gaining massive weight in winter, snowshoeing is totally worth a shot.

Either way, if you’re still not convinced that snowshoeing is fun, here are some more reasons to consider:

  1. Snowshoeing is Easy: There aren’t many things to learn before you can enjoy snowshoeing, only a few basics and a bit of getting used to. Compared to skiing and snowboarding, snowshoeing is far more intuitive. I’m sure you can figure it out after thirty minutes of walking. Probably, the only thing that you’ll find difficult is strapping on the snowshoes. But, even that will take 15 minutes tops to get done.
  2. Snowshoeing is Safe: When it comes to the risk of injury, snowshoeing is relatively safe. The wide platform offers great stability on uneven grounds and powdery situations, even without poles. Also, since you will just walk the entire time, the risk of crashing into trees and other snowshoers is absolutely zero. The only risk you need to be aware of when snowshoeing is an avalanche and getting lost, but that’s only if you break the trails and wander off into the backcountry.
  3. Snowshoeing is Cheap: First off, you can snowshoe